Under The Floorboards

I watched Magazine on Jools Holland’s music show the other night, a band last active in 1981. The other week, there was a set from the Gang of Four, also from the same period and genre. And you know, I loved seeing them both and hearing them again. but it’s a slightly guilty pleasure.

My hero has always been John Peel, and he was always slightly contemptuous of people whose musical taste “stuck” at any particular period, so I worry slightly about liking music from nearly thirty years ago. Is it just nostalgia, or is it real classic quality music? Maybe I just like it because it’s the music of my youth.

Case for the defence is that Jimmy Ruffin was on the same show and he was great too, and was definitely not a feature of my youth. The same goes for Glenn Campbell on one of the previous ones. Who’d have thought it: I really enjoyed the old feller.

Maybe it’s OK. Some of the new performers have been excellent too, and some have not been to my taste at all. Which of them will I still be listening to in thirty years?


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