Burn It Off

The Internet is for wasting time, right? OK, it worked. I just spent over an hour clicking in disbelief through the pages in a website. I’ll tell you which one in a moment. Or “momentarily”, as Americans are alleged to put it.

Everybody loves cute animal pictures, so I don’t mind admitting that I check out I Can Has Cheezburger once a day. Even if say, only one in ten is actually funny, it’s still worth it. There’s even a link to a companion site for those who prefer dogs. Idiots.

Another linked site is Engrish, bad translations on signs and so on. There’s a long tradition of that: at least as far back as Shakespeare, and of course the classic English As She is Spoke, so it’s good to see it on the ‘Net.

That was what got me today. In a true spirit of multiculturalism, the site had a picture, the cover of Time magazine no less, where an American soldier was pictured. His trendy Japanese tattoo, “気違い“, means “I am a lunatic”, which might or might not have been what he asked for from the tattooist.

That picture was linked to the site that wasted my day: Ugliest Tattoos, answering the question of whether Japanese tattoists really would screw you over. Requesting the romantic Samurai phrase “Dragon Soul”, the unfortunate American got “外人“, “Gai-jin”, the impolite Japanese word for “Foreigner”.

But that was only the beginning of my incredulous voyage into the world of bad tattoos. At least poor Gai-jin wanted something good, but the site is full of photos of people who just clearly had no concept of “good”. Or even “mediocre”. Plenty in the “completely mental” category though.

I’m lost for words, really. You’ll just have to look for yourself. (Best not on your work computer though.)

I got right to the very last page, where the battle between Mac and Windows gets personal (I think I’ll get a penguin).
ut-mac ut-pc


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