BBC 6 “Music”

It’s been confirmed that the BBC will abolish their digital radio station “BBC 6 Music”. Since launch, it’s only gathered about 400,000 listeners. It seems as though every one of them is whining now.

I’ve tried to listen to the station three or four times, based on the fact that they do play some of the music I like, but I’ve always been driven away, mainly by the amount of inane chatter.

Nerd that I am, I’ve analysed the statistics, and in any given hour the station will broadcast an average of 32 minutes of music. The other half of the airtime is self-congratulatory DJs who like the sound of their own voices, quizzes, phone-ins, stupid competitions, and reading imbecilic text messages or e-mails from the small (and obviously retarded) audience.

The station’s output is logged to, on, where you can see directly how little music they play, and what it is.

The cumulative stats are revealing. The overall top artists are as follows:

1 David Bowie
2 Oasis
3 R.E.M.
4 Kings of Leon
5 Bloc Party
6 Radiohead
7 The Cure
8 Manic Street Preachers
9 Coldplay
=9 Beck
11 Supergrass
12 Kaiser Chiefs
13 U2
14 The Rolling Stones
15 Morrissey

In all the fuss about closing the station, you’ll hear terms like “innovative”, “challenging”, “new music”, and “unsigned artists”. You won’t hear “we play lots of David Bowie, R.E.M. and Radiohead”.


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