La La Baby I Love You

I was socially networked to a BBC article, “Eurovision 2010: How to write the winning lyric”. Unsurprisingly, the key word is “love”, the most popular theme in Eurovision winners since 1956, although by the BBC analysis, nonsense lyrics which feature in Eurovision parodies don’t actually occur all that often in the real thing. Apart from “lalala”. This “wordle” graphic shows the most common winning Eurovision words (translated into English where necessary) with the size representing frequency.

Wordle: Eurovision lyrics: The winners

You could write a Eurovision song just by picking words from that chart. I’m working on “Everyone Believe In Rock’n’Roll Right Now”.

The BBC article finishes with some quotes from this year’s candidates with what the author considers bad rhymes or meaningless phrases, but among them is a verse from the Lithuanian entry, East European Funk, by In Culto:

Yes sir, we are legal, we are
Though we are not as legal as you
No sir, we’re not equal, no
Though we are both from the EU
We build your homes and wash your dishes
Keep your hands all soft and clean
But one of these days you’ll realise,
Eastern Europe is in your genes
Get up and dance to our Eastern European kinda funk!

Northern Ireland has a new Lithuanian minority (in my local supermarket, Lithuanian would be the third most common language I hear, after English and Polish) and I’m sure that song lyric encapsulates some of their experiences. That’s why I think we should all support Lithuania, and forget about the issue of whether our allegiance is to Ireland or the United Kingdom. Also, the Irish and British entries are absolutely dire, while the Lithuanian one kicks ass. On their website, the band In Culto cite Republic of Loose as an influence, something that would probably have got my vote regardless.

To be realistic, In Culto probably won’t even get through tomorrow night’s semi-final, given that funky rapping doesn’t meet the Eurovision blandness critereon (Ireland and UK certainly do) but I still think that everyone in Northern Ireland should give them full support. Lithuania for the win.


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