Worth Every Penny Of The Licence Fee


All about us

Since 2003 BBC Three has dedicated itself to one brilliantly simple idea – creating the most thought provoking and entertaining programmes possible. We find the best of new British talent, give them room to play, invent and experiment, and then mix in the most important element – You.
We’re shamelessly and directly influenced by you. There, we’ve said it. Your habits shape us, your sense of humour tickles us and we want you involved in what we do. Because of you we’ve grown beyond regular TV into a channel that can be where you want it, all the time. A channel that’s constantly trying new things, taking risks and exploring new places, because just like you we’re Never Afraid To Try New Stuff.


  1. 19:00–20:00

    6/9. Twenty contestants take on one of television’s largest and most extreme obstacle courses. (R)
  2. 20:00–20:30

    8/8. Living with her boyfriend’s parents, overcrowding is a serious issue for new mum Natasha.
  3. 20:30–21:00

    5/12. POD gets an earful from tan-lover Carolyn and an eyeful from Brixton babe Sherika. (R)
  4. 21:00–22:00

    4/12. Ian and Reanna are given cash towards their wedding, which Ian must organise by himself.
  5. 22:00–22:30

    It is Janine and Ryan’s wedding day, but will the day go without a hitch? (R)
  6. 22:30–23:00

    4/8. Jenny mistakenly believes that Moz has dumped her and gets into all kinds of trouble.
  7. 23:00–23:25

    3/16. Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland. (R)
  8. 23:25–23:45

    14/19. Stan moves the family into the mountains after thinking a CIA nuclear drill is real. (R)
  9. 23:45–00:45

    4/12. Ian and Reanna are given cash towards their wedding, which Ian must organise by himself. (R)

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  • Late

    1. 00:45–02:45

      Richard Bacon and David Seaman look back at the 50 greatest shocks from South Africa 2010. (R)

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