Red Shoes

perlvisesWhen the archaeologists dig up a skeleton, the most reliable way of determining the sex is by the shape of the pelvis. A woman’s pelvis has to allow for the birth of a baby with the unusually large head that is unique to newborn humans.

The different pelvis shape, though it may not look much, determines the different way that men and women look and move. And evolution has equipped us with the ability to distinguish the sexes instantly, even at long distance. Try it on a busy street. You can easily tell the difference, even hundreds of metres away. (Of course, it’s not just the hips and waist. Breasts make a difference too. Assuming that they’re big enough to be seen hundreds of metres away.)

It’s a good guess that if there’s a sexual characteristic that marks out the sex that we’re attracted to, then emphasising that characteristic will be a good way of getting us interested. That’s why men’s clothes and women’s clothes are different, to reinforce sexual identity. And I suppose, why dressing the “wrong” way can be such a strong rejection of sexual identity.

All my life, I’ve been curious about the exact mechanism that makes my male brain turn to mush when I see a woman in high-heeled shoes. I can only theorise that it’s a trick that exaggerates the male-female difference in sillhouette and movement: this more-female-than-female appearance triggers my sexual attraction. And it does too.

legsAlthough I’m fairly sceptical about the research that anthropologists and sociologists do, there was a report recently of a study that “proved” that long legs are a sexually attractive attribute. Which is so obvious and so in line with common observation that it must be suspect. Things are never as simple as they appear.

But I suppose that could be one way in which the high-heeled shoe works; by making the leg look longer. Especially useful if you have short legs. But the heel also affects the whole body posture, the gait, the shape of the leg, and even more importantly, the shape of the ass. Believe me, I’ve studied this carefully for a long time.

Short, long, broad, narrow: I’m convinced that any woman, of any size or shape, can look better in heels. Oh, I know they’re not necessarily comfortable, or practical; and learning to walk well can be a chore. I wouldn’t blame you at all for not bothering with them. But if you did happen to want to get men’s attention, I promise you, it’s guaranteed.


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