Super MarioNot the usual kind of blog  — just a list. I was struck by the composition of Italy’s new government as announced today by Mario Monti. (The head of the Italian government is usually referred to in English as “Prime Minister”, but his Italian title actually translates more accurately as “Chairman of the Cabinet”).

While I’m very glad to see the back of Berlusconi (hoping it’s for good), I’m still uneasy about the lack of democracy in the changes in Italy and Greece. I suppose in the case of Italy, you might choose to interpret it as the intervention of an elected, and very well-respected, head of state at a time of national need. But basically, the country is now being run by bankers and academics.

Mario Monti, Chairman of the Cabinet and Minister of Finance.
Banker, economist, former EU commissioner.

Mario Catania, Minister of Agriculture.
Eurocrat, company director.

Corrado Clini, Minister of the Environment.
Climate negotiator, Senior Research Fellow at Harvard.

Lorenzo Oraghi, Minister of Culture.
Catholic writer, economist.

Elsa Fornero, Minster of Labour and Equal Opportunities.
Economist, banker.

Renato Balduzzi, Minister of Health.
Professor of law, government health policy advisor.

Francesco Profumo, Minster of Education, Universities & Research.
Engineering professor, board of Telecom Italia.

Corrado Passera, Minister of Economic Development.
Banker, former Poste Italiane CEO.

Giulio Terzi, Foreign Minister.
Diplomat (Ambassador to USA).

Giampaolo di Paola, Minister of Defence.

Anna Maria Cancelliera, Minister of the Interior.
Academic, city prefect.

Paola Severino, Minister of Justice.
Professor of criminal law.

Luisa Torchia, Civil Service Minister.
Professor of administrative law.


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