Packing Heat

When I returned to the public stage as a musician in about 2005, I had to bring some of my old sound equipment, because the other members of the band were new to live rock and didn’t have performance gear. For a venue which didn’t have its own PA, that amounted to my own small PA, with tops and bass bins, mixer, wedge monitors, two EQs and two amps; along with two guitar amps; my bass amp; and all the required stands, microphones and leads. Fortunately, the drummer was responsible for her own kit.

With the back seats of my Honda CR-V lowered, there was adequate room to pack everything, but I developed an optimum packing plan which kept stacking to a minimum. (Meaning less scope for bits tumbling around. You should see how I drive.)

Anyway, being a true nerd, I made sure that I got it right every time by drawing out a plan on paper. I found it the other day, and since I don’t have that car any more, I may as well trash it. Although not before scanning it for posterity.

packing honda


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