Reading Chinese

allfine tablet

I bought a cheap Android tablet, directly from China. Given the extremely low price, I was prepared for shortcomings or difficulties, but it seems to be all fine. It was set up to use English, and even came with a UK mains adapter. The instruction booklet was in Chinese, but there was an English (more or less) leaflet with ample information to get you started.

One thing puzzled me. The slogan on the box says “For your funture make my dedicate”, below the Chinese version which reads “全心创 为所想”. The company has since corrected the spelling mistake and their website [] now has “future”, not “funture”, but Google Translate for the Chinese phrase initially said “Heart-invasive as are thinking”. What?

I’d love to be able to read Chinese myself, but a little more poking with Google’s alternative translations and parts of the phrase showed me that the first two Chinese characters, 全 and 心 (quán xīn) mean “all” and “heart”, and taken together, “wholehearted”. The third, 创, which Google initially said was “invasive”, is one of two words pronounced chuàng, meaning either “create/begin” or “wound/cut”. I’ll assume it’s “create”.

The next character, 为, “wèi”, is a common little functional word with a number of meanings, but “make” seems to me the most likely, and matches the corresponding word in the otherwise impenetrable English slogan. The next one, 所, suǒ, might be just “the”, although as a single word it can mean “place/spot”. Then, finally, 想, xiǎng, primarily means “to want”, but may also be “think/suppose/wish/believe”. Google consistently translates the latter two characters together as “think”.

That would mean the whole thing might be “wholehearted creation, making thinking”, or maybe, if Google Translate is wrong, the last word might be the other meaning of 想, “want”.

I’m going to go with “Passionate design, creating desire.” although maybe it’s “Fanatical injuries make you think.”

[If your browser isn’t showing you Chinese characters and accented letters on this page, it’s not my fault.]


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